Woman shares breathtaking pictures of her Maine Coon cat – it’s size is crazy

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dog or a cat person, everyone can appreciate the sheer size of the Maine Coon cat.

One of the largest domesticated cat breeds, they’re not only positively massive compared to regular house cats, but they’re also exceptionally beautiful to boot.

Yet to be convinced? Well, fortunately one Maine Coon owner has created an Instagram account solely to show off her fur baby … and we couldn’t be any more thankful.

Simply from looking at the image above, one can get a feel for how truly immense Maine Coons can grow.

And yet they manage to retain that feline elegance that makes them such remarkable pets to have.

We know, right, having a cat the size of a dog isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t mind your kitty taking up a little extra room (and by little we mean a lot) they make for fantastic companions.

They’re *cough always photogenic, proud animals who maintain an aptitude for hunting.

They make pretty good subjects for an Instagram page too, we might add.

I can’t work out if I now want a Maine Coon cat for myself, or if I’m content to just look at this Instagram page and enjoy them from afar.

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