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Woman Throws Herself Between Fox And Hunting Dogs And Saves The Innocent Creature From Certain Death.

Fox hunting is a horrible and bloody tradition that only exists for the amusement of hunters. There’s been a ban on the practice in England and Wales for 11 years, but hunting foxes with dogs is still legal in Northern Ireland and Ireland. But even in Wales and England, the law doesn’t prohibit flushing an unidentified wild mammal out of hiding, and it doesn’t prohibit the use of dogs to follow an artificial scent. These loopholes mean that the ban is still largely unenforced.

No one knows how many foxes are still killed in this cruel manner every year, but many still are. Still, seeing this video gives me hope for humanity. This British animal lover takes matters into her own hands and runs to a fox’s rescue just before it would have been torn apart by dogs. She truly deserves to be honored for her courage and I hope the fox was able to get far away from those dogs and hunters.


This woman couldn’t bear the thought of an innocent fox being killed for sport, and decided to rush straight into a pack of dogs to save it from certain death.

She yells at the dogs to get away and throws herself between them and the fox to save the helpless animal. The woman is indeed a true animal lover who deserves all the praise in the world for her great courage.

Watch the clip here:

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