Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter sports Janet Jackson dress in recent appearance

Dannielynn Birkhead recently appeared alongside her father Larry at the prestigious Barnstable Brown Gala, stunning fans with her very grown-up look.

As a recent high school graduate, late model Anna Nicole Smith‘s daughter continues to captivate attention in Louisville, attending the renowned gala which supports diabetes research and the Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center at the University of Kentucky.

Larry Birkhead, her devoted father, proudly accompanied his daughter, a familiar sight to those who have watched Dannielynn blossom over the years.

In a testament to her evolving style and tribute to iconic figures, Dannielynn, now 17, stunned in a dress once worn by Janet Jackson, purchased by her father through a charity auction.

Larry shared their excitement for the gala on Instagram, writing: “On our way to Barnstable-Brown Gala for the kick-off of the @kentuckyderby weekend. Dannielynn is wearing her second @janetjackson outfit to the party that I got from Janet’s @juliens_auctions – charity auction. Looking forward to a fun Derby weekend with the newly graduated high school student!”

The comments section was flooded with praise for Larry, with people saying he’d done a wonderful job raising his daughter. “It just brings tears to my eyes,” one person said, while noting how much Dannielynn looked like her late mother.

Last year’s gala saw Dannielynn wearing a blouse adorned with images of her late mother, an homage to Anna Nicole Smith’s legacy in the fashion world through her association with Guess.

At the time, People quoted Larry saying that the images were from “some of Anna’s best Guess campaigns,” and that the blouse “came from a Guess collection that sold out and she [Dannielynn] saved it for a special occasion.”

Dannielynn Birkhead and Larry Birkhead at the Kentucky Derby Barnstable Brown Gala in 2023. Credit: Stephen J. Cohen / Getty.

Fans of Dannielynn may also remember that at the 2022 gala, the teen actually met Jackson while wearing the exact outfit the singer once wore to the exact same event almost two decades prior!

Larry Birkhead, Janet Jackson, and Dannielynn Birkhead at the Barnstable Brown Gala in 2022. Credit: Stephen J. Cohen / Getty.

Through these annual appearances at the Kentucky Derby, Larry and Dannielynn honor Anna Nicole Smith’s memory while also cementing their loving father-daughter bond.

What did you think of Dannielynn’s outfit choice? Let us know in the comments!


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