At 69, Kevin Costner finally reveals confession Prince William made in meeting – about Princess Diana

When actor Kevin Costner heard that Prince William wanted to meet with him, he didn’t hesitate for a second.

As per reports, the meeting between the two occurred a few years ago, though until now the ins and outs have remained a mystery. Iconic actor Costner, who enjoyed a meteoric rise to superstardom and became a certified Hollywood heartthrob during the 1990s, has now gone on record regarding a confession Prince William made involving his late mother, Princess Diana.

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It’s somewhat difficult to believe that Kevin Costner is now 69 years old. With a fabled filmography and a glittering reputation that has stood the test of time, the actor is perhaps best associated with films such as Dances With Wolves, The Bodyguard, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Yet when a real prince calls, even he feels compelled to answer the summons.

That’s at least according to a recent interview with People Magazine, wherein Costner revealed he had been part of a special meeting with Prince William.

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As per the interview in question, the Yellowstone star was in the UK when he got wind that William wanted to meet with him.

“I happened to be in England, and I got this message that the prince would love to talk, and I said, ‘What?’… and then I went, ‘Okay,’ ” Costner told People.

“We met in this room, and it was just us. He walked up, and we shook hands… The first line out of his mouth was, ‘You know, my mom kind of fancied you.’ “

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Following that, according to Caras, the two spoke for about half an hour. Costner did not want to reveal all the details of the private conversation, but described his meeting with Prince William as “sweet”.

Years earlier, Costner had reportedly been in contact with Princess Diana over collaborating on a sequel to the hit 1992 film The Bodyguard.

“There was a moment that that was really flying down the tracks, very quietly, because it’s how I operate,” Costner explained, revealing that he had been introduced to Princess Diana by Sarah Ferguson.

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“It was so sweet. Sarah was the one that set this up. Sarah was very cool… when she could have been going, ‘Well, I’m a princess too. What about me?’ She didn’t do that at all. Diana and I began to talk.”

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