Barbra Streisand reveals she’s only ever asked two celebrities for their autographs

Even the biggest names in Hollywood get excited to meet other A-list names.

During a segment which aired Monday on The Late Show, Barbra Streisand revealed the two celebrities she asked for autographs: former President John F. Kennedy and actor Cliff Robertson.

“I did it twice.”

Streisand, 81, told Stephen Colbert she got Kennedy’s autograph after she sang for him at the White House correspondents dinner in 1963. She had been told not to ask the president for his autograph so she fibbed and said it was for someone else.

“I felt terrible but I said it was for my mother, I told him, but it was really for me.”

The former president happily signed his name, and Streisand tucked it away. But when she returned home she realized she lost it at some point during the night.

″But he did take a picture with me and so he signed it so that’s okay.”

Barbra Streisand, James Brolin
Shutterstock/Featureflash Photo Agency

Streisand also asked Robertson for his autograph.

Robertson, who died in 2011 at age 88, was walking down the street when Streisand spotted him.

“I was so shy, and I thought well, what the hell.”

Robertson was known for his portrayal of President Kennedy in the 1963 movie PT 109.


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