Edward James Olmos reveals throat cancer diagnosis: actor was ‘close to death’

Edward James Olmos recently revealed for the first time he was diagnosed with throat cancer, opening up about his nearly fatal battle with the disease.

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The 76-year-old Emmy winner, known for his roles in Stand and Deliver, Miami Vice and Battlestar Galactica, revealed “the first time publicly” that he was diagnosed with cancer on the Mando & Friends podcast.

“A lot of my friends have passed because of this,” Olmos told host Mando Fresko. “It’s a very strong disease.”

The Oscar-nominated actor said he underwent months of chemotherapy and radiation to treat the cancer, with doctors shooting his vocal cords. Doctors told Olmos they weren’t sure what he was “going to sound like” after the treatment.

The actor said the cancer “took a lot” out of him and said he lost 55 pounds and most of his muscle.

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But thankfully, Olmos revealed that he finished chemo and radiation treatments in December, and has since been working to regain his strength.

“I swim a mile a day at least, sometimes two miles a day. Every day, seven days a week. And then I row and I do weights,” Olmos explained.

After surviving the scary ordeal which brought him close to death, Olmos said it has given him a new lease on life.

“It was an experience that changed me, the understanding of how wonderful this life is,” he told the podcast. “I’ve been through some experiences that have gotten me close to death, but that was close.”

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Throat cancer is a very scary thing to go through, but we’re glad to hear that Edward James Olmos has gotten the treatments he needed and is now recovering ❤️

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