Fans spot heartbreaking detail in Suzanne Somers video 6 months before her death

Fans have spotted a tiny detail in a video Suzanne Somers posted, six months before she passed away… And it is heartbreaking.

Somers passed away on Sunday, October 15, succumbing to her long battle with breast cancer at the age of 76.

Her representative conveyed the sad news, stating that she “passed away peacefully at home in the early morning hours of October 15th.”

A long struggle with cancer

It was a somber time for her family, who had gathered to commemorate what would have been her 77th birthday on October 16th. Instead, they chose to celebrate her remarkable life and express their gratitude to the multitude of fans and followers who cherished her dearly.

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Suzanne Somers had shown exceptional strength in her fight against an aggressive form of breast cancer, spanning over 23 years. Her representatives revealed that her family had been by her side during her final moments, including her loving husband, Alan, her son, Bruce, and her immediate family. A private family burial is scheduled for this week, with a memorial service planned for November.

Though, this was not Suzanne’s first encounter with cancer. In her 30s, she was diagnosed with skin cancer, and in her 50s, breast cancer.

In July, she revealed to Fox News that her breast cancer had returned, saying: “I have been living with cancer for decades now, using the best of alternative and conventional medicine to keep it at bay. Every time that little f***** pops up, I continue to bat it back.”

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Suzanne Somers’ heartbreaking video

In April 2023, Somers posted a video on Instagram where she promoted her organic products that focused on legs. The post grabbed the attention of many followers, who commented on how great she looked for 76, but also how she seemed to have deteriorated.

Some fans noticed that she appeared less upbeat and her demeanor had changed a little. Other fans also expressed that they were worried about her health, given that she had bruised legs and a bandage on her right shin.

More concerning was the fact that she appeared to be sitting down most of the time, which was unusual, given that Somers was often more lively in her videos. It seemed as though her spark had gone.

Many of the comments at the time questioned why Somers was continuing to promote products when she clearly wasn’t well, and fans didn’t hold back when voicing their concerns.

One fan commented: “Somebody stop them. She’s definitely struggling. Is it that important to push these products? Enough already.”

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“Everytime is worse! I have been following her for years now …. I feel that she should quit this ‘show’ because in my opinion, people would not buy much since her condition is like that… She did teach me a lot but she is not up to it. Love to her,” someone else added.

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A third person chimed in: “Her health should be first. Caroline does a great job! Suzanne hypes her show and products for health. I think she needs to put hers first. Al fills up the ‘gaps’ and it can be annoying (but give him credit for trying). Her spunky nature is gone, no life in her emotions and it’s sad to witness. She’s lifeless. I wish them well. However, she’s reminding me of Norma Desmond.”

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Suzanne had been married to her beloved husband, Alan, since 1977. The pair had a son named Bruce and are grandparents to three granddaughters: Camelia, Violet, and Daisy.

Following Suzanne’s death, a heartbreaking note Alan wrote to his wife was published in People. He had gifted her the note a day before her death, written in all caps and wrapped in pink peonies.

“55 years together, 46 married and not even one hour apart for 42 of those years. Even that doesn’t do it,” part of the letter read. “Even going to bed at 6 o’clock and holding hands while we sleep doesn’t do it. Staring at your beautiful face while you sleep doesn’t do it.”

“I’m back to feelings. There are no words,” Alan concluded. “There are no actions. No promises. No declarations. Even the green shaded scholars of the Oxford University Press have spent 150 years and still have failed to come up with that one word. So I will call it, ‘Us,’ uniquely, magically, indescribably wonderful ‘Us.’”

We are sending out our thoughts and prayers to Suzanne Somers’ family, friends, and fans at this difficult time.