Jennifer Lopez debuts summer hairstyle and people aren't afraid to criticize her new look

Jennifer Lopez debuts summer hairstyle and people aren’t afraid to criticize her new look

Jennifer Lopez debuted a new hairstyle and people were not afraid to express their opinions.

“That wig gets a D-,” one Instagram user wrote.

The Marry Me actress showed off her new summer hair in an Instagram post Friday, and while she received plenty of praise for her bold new look, she also received plenty of criticism.

In the photo, captioned “Bang bang,” JLo stares into the camera with her signature pout showing off her new French girl bangs – thicker and fuller bangs meant to look effortless that typically go past your eyebrows – and long honey-brown tresses.

But not everyone was convinced Lopez was telling the truth about her new ‘do.

“It’s clearly a wig, old lady,” one user commented.

“Not really it’s a Wig and filters,” another person wrote.

Jennifer Lopez
Shutterstock/Andrea Raffin

At least one person compared Lopez to her husband Ben Affleck’s ex Jennifer Garner.

“Looks like she’s trying to look like the other Jennifer.. which [she] can’t hold a candle to she should just be [herself].. she’s changed her look so much to look like a white girl…”

Even though fans suspect JLo styled her hair to look like Affleck’s ex, which they deemed “creepy,” there’s reportedly no bad blood between the two women.

An insider reported that the two women “are very cordial and they have a very healthy and functioning relationship.”

If Jennifer Lopez likes her new hairstyle that’s really all that matters. She doesn’t have to please the public.