Jennifer Lopez shares her major regret as a mother of 15-year-old twins: 'I did that to them'

Jennifer Lopez shares her major regret as a mother of 15-year-old twins: ‘I did that to them’

Now that Jennifer Lopez is the mother of two teenagers, she’s taking the time to reflect on what it took to raise them in Hollywood.

And there’s one thing she feels guilty about, exposing her children to fame without their consent.

“I think being the child of famous parents is really something many people can’t understand, and I feel for them for that because they didn’t choose that,” Lopez, 53, told the hosts of Audacy.

Emme Anthony, Max Anthony
NEW YORK, NY – JULY 15: Jennifer Lopez’s children Max and Emme are seen on the way to her rescheduled concert on July 15, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

The 53-year-old who shares 15-year-old twins Emme and Max with ex-husband Marc Anthony said her children have reached the age where they’re being “judged” by others.

“They have just started letting me know how people treat them. So when they walk into the room, that’s what people are thinking about. They’re not seeing them for who they are. And I think that has to be a really hard thing for them,” she said.

“So I would love to have been able to protect them from that.”

While Lopez is just one of many who brought her children up with the glitz and glam of Hollywood, more recently, some celebrities are being extra cautious about protecting the identity of their little ones.

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While Lopez would love to protect her children “from everything,” she recognizes not only is it unrealistic, but experiencing pain is a part of growing up.

“You don’t ever want them to feel a moment of pain in their lives, but that’s not realistic,” she said. “You realize as you get older, OK, the pain is necessary. The pain is actually good. The pain kind of makes you feel a little bit like a warrior when you get through it.”

I can understand Jennifer Lopez’s dilemma… On one hand they’re her children and she wants them close to her, but that comes at a cost. However, she also wants to protect them until they’re old enough to decide if they want to become a public figure.

Hopefully her children understand she was always doing what was best for them.