Jessica Alba donates 3 million diapers and thousands of baby products during worldwide pandemic

Panic buying has led to empty shelves across the entire world. Not only does it cause trouble for everyone around you, including those who are risking their lives to fight the battle against COVID-19, but it’s entirely unnecessary.

Toilet paper is gone, meat is hard to come by, and baby products are extremely difficult to find.

While parents struggle to find the basic necessities for their children, one organization with the help of a celebrity has stepped up.

Jessica Alba recently shared on Instagram that her company, The Honest Company, was going to donate three million diapers and other child care products in order to help families struggling to purchase the essential items.

“I can’t help but think of all the families with babies & young children who aren’t getting what they need to get by,” she wrote.

Honest pledged to donate three million diapers, 20,000 personal care items, and 30,000 wipes to Baby2Baby, an organization that provides children ages 0-12 living in poverty with basic necessities.

Alba and Baby2Baby also asked those to consider helping those in need by donating. In a post on Instagram, Baby2Baby has said they are continuing to provide the necessities to children in need, but they too are in need. They need funds to supply things like diapers, food, blankets, and more.

“The families that Baby2Baby serves do not have the luxury to buy extra supplies,” they wrote. “On top of already struggling to provide the most basic necessities life food, rent, and diapers before the current circumstances, many of them work in the services industry and are going without a paycheck.”

“In low-income and rural neighborhoods, there are fewer stores and the diaper shelves are empty. When Baby2Baby can provide them with diapers, hygiene, formula and other essentials, they can use their funds to focus on food.”

If you can donate, please do so. If not, please share because someone you know may be able to help. We all need to help each other out during these extremely difficult times.