Julia Roberts had twins at 37 – now they look just like dad

Julia Roberts takes immense pride in her marriage to Danny Moder and the happiness they’ve cultivated together.

The couple intentionally maintains a private life, especially for their children, away from the often harsh glare of the limelight. They share three children: twins Phinnaeus and Hazel Moder, aged 19, and Henry Moder, aged 17.

Julia welcomed Phinnaeus and Hazel into the world at the age of 37, both arriving healthy around 3 a.m. in November 2004 at a Los Angeles hospital. Henry, their youngest, was born on June 18, 2007.

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder pictured in 2020. Credit: Kevin Mazur / Getty.

Reflecting on becoming a mother in her late 30s, Julia has previously said that she believes her children chose her to guide them through life when she was truly ready.

Despite occasional fears of parental missteps (as every parent would understand) Julia embraces motherhood, relishing moments of joy, playfulness, and laughter with her children.

She once humorously shared an anecdote while on The Ellen Show about Henry misunderstanding references to “the twins” in their family, thinking Julia and Danny were referring to him and his siblings collectively.

In their efforts to shield their children from the dangers of fame, Julia and Danny have taken deliberate steps to limit exposure to tabloid gossip and intrusive media attention. Nasty rumors about their marriage being on the rocks particularly stung Julia, and it was this that prompted the couple’s decision to relocate from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

As a protective measure, Julia revealed in 2019 that she prohibits her children from using social media, recognizing the potential harm it poses to their well-being in today’s digital age, according to The Sun. She carefully curates their media consumption and fosters open communication through regular family meetings.

Beyond safeguarding her children, Julia instills in them unconditional love and a sense of empowerment to navigate life’s challenges.

Julia and Danny’s enduring love and commitment to their family are evident in the loving photos they share online. It’s clear that they both love and cherish the amazing family they’ve created together.


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