Lindsay Lohan shares the supportive baby advice movie mom Jamie Lee Curtis gave her

The world cheered when Lindsay Lohan announced she was expecting her first child, but perhaps no one was more excited than her movie mom, Jamie Lee Curtis.

The two starred in the 2003 film Freaky Friday and are slated to star in its sequel. Although they played a mother-daughter duo 20 years ago, the actresses have remained close.

So close in fact that the two recently spoke about Lohan’s pregnancy, and Curtis offered some motherly advice.

“She was like, ‘You just bring the baby with you and everything will be fine,’” Lohan told Allure.

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Lohan announced she was pregnant via Instagram in March. She shared a photo of a white onesie with the words “coming soon…” written on it.

“We are blessed and excited! 🙏🤍👶🍼,” she wrote.

She told Allure that she was in Dubai when she suspected she was pregnant. She felt different.

“I think I might be pregnant,” she recalled telling her mom.

The actress ended up taking a pregnancy test which confirmed her suspicions.

“It was so unexciting,” she said of telling her husband, Bader Shammas, that they were expecting. “I walked into the room (to my husband). I threw the test down. I was like, ‘Guess what?’ He goes, ‘We are?’”

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Her announcement garnered a lot of attention, earning her countless supportive comments.

Even Curtis was excited for her film daughter that she shared Lohan’s Instagram photo on her own social media congratulating the soon-to-be mother.

Their friendship is so sweet. I bet once Lindsay Lohan gives birth Jamie Lee Curtis will be over the moon.