Martha Stewart, 82, reveals the biggest regret of her life

Martha Stewart‘s career is nothing short of successful, even her five-month stint in federal prison resulted in a new hobby which she was able to turn into a product.

Now as Stewart edges closer to 83, the businesswoman and television personality is taking a look back at her life and revealing the regrets she’s had over the years.

Stewart wasn’t always the culinary expert we’ve all come to know and love over the past several decades. She first began her working life on Wall Street, and it wasn’t until her 40s when she decided to take a leap of faith into writing and catering.

“Maybe a little uncertainty can help fuel ambition,” she shared with the New York Times. “When I left my job on Wall Street, I knew I had to create a career for myself. I became a caterer, catering parties every night.”

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Although her change in careers was successful, her life at home suffered.

“At that time I wasn’t keeping my eye on the home, even though I was known as a homemaker. It wasn’t enough for a marriage,” she wrote.

Her marriage to then-husband Andrew Stewart, who she married at 19, had come to an end. The couple had one daughter, Alexis, together.

“Maybe I regret not having had more children. Maybe I regret that my marriage ended abruptly. We’d been together 27 years.”

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After separating from her husband, Stewart never remarried, though she often finds herself wondering if finding love again would have changed her life in any way.

“Maybe I would have liked getting married again. I didn’t, but I don’t mind,” she added. “Still, I’m curious about what could have been.”


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