Meghan Markle criticized for wearing Diana’s jewelry during recent Nigeria trip

Although the late Princess Diana never had the chance to meet her youngest son’s wife, it has been well-documented that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are dedicated to keeping her memory alive in various ways.

So, while it wasn’t entirely unexpected to see Meghan wearing a piece of Diana’s jewelry during an appearance in Nigeria over the weekend, the gesture has sparked significant discussion online, much of it negative.

Invited by the Chief of Defense Staff to honor the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, the couple has had a busy schedule. One notable event was a reception for military families at the Defense Headquarters Officers Mess in Abuja, as reported by People. For the occasion, both Harry and Meghan sported linen attire, with Meghan choosing a white gown by St. Agni.

Many people were displeased with Meghan for wearing Diana’s jewelry.
On X (formerly Twitter), royal watchers expressed their disapproval of Meghan’s choice, with some doubting the authenticity of the necklace and claiming there were no photos of Diana wearing it.

Credit: Emmanuel Osodi / Anadolu / Getty.

“Please don’t place beautiful, caring, compassionate Diana in the same sentence as vile, manipulative, gold-digger Meghan. It’s an abomination,” one person tweeted.

Another criticized Meghan for not bringing her children on the trip, writing: “It is a little ironic that you would put a photo of Meghan Markle next to Princess Diana on Mother’s Day. Diana was all about her children. Looks like someone else’s children are as important to her. Archie at his age would have remembered this trip as he got older.”

Though her dress was beautiful, it was her accessories that drew attention.
Meghan made a statement with her gold cross necklace at the reception, and it wasn’t just aesthetically pleasing — it held sentimental value. According to a source who spoke to People, the necklace once belonged to Diana and was recently gifted to Meghan by Harry.

Credit: Emmanuel Osodi / Anadolu / Getty.

In 1990, Diana was photographed wearing a similar accessory during a trip to Nigeria. While it might be coincidental, knowing Meghan’s intentional approach to her style choices, it’s likely this was a deliberate homage to the mother-in-law she never met, especially poignant on Mother’s Day weekend.

Diana, Princess of Wales, visits the State House in Lagos, Nigeria, March 1990. Credit: Jayne Fincher / Princess Diana Archive / Getty.

The controversy surrounding Meghan’s jewelry choice seems to highlight the continued sensitivity around Princess Diana’s legacy. Despite differing opinions, Harry and Meghan’s efforts to honor Diana’s memory through meaningful gestures like these underpin their connection to her and their desire to keep her spirit present in their lives and public appearances.

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