Meghan Markle’s outfit causes controversy during kids’ hospital visit

In the midst of her philanthropic efforts at a children’s hospital, the Duchess of Sussex found herself under scrutiny due to a noticeable hole in her blouse, unexpectedly making a fashion choice the center of attention.

Social media platforms buzzed with mixed reactions as this unintentional detail inadvertently stole the spotlight.

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During a recent visit to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as part of the hospital’s Make March Matter fundraising campaign, Meghan Markle was seen engaging with children and staff members.

Dressed in a sheer white blouse paired with a floral-print flowy skirt, Meghan —renowned for her humanitarian work — participated in a special story time session with the kids.

Despite the noble cause, her appearance drew harsh criticism from the public when observers noticed the unexpected detail in her outfit: a hole in her blouse.

“How embarrassing! But she would never make that mistake of posting a photoshopped pic,” remarked one user.

A royal gossip account tweeted: “Meghan’s next children’s book: The Duchess of Sussex Has Holes in Her Clothes. #MeghanMarkle #MeghanMarkleEXPOSED #HarryandMeghanAreAJoke.”

Others did not mince words with their judgmental opinions. “Can’t she zip up her clothes or is that a hole[?] #MeghanMarkle can never dress! She’s a very strange person. Those feet, is Meghan a male?” commented another user.

Further exacerbating the situation, someone else commented: “Yet another fashion blunder […],” while another simply stated: “Disaster after disaster […],” suggesting that this recent appearance wasn’t the first time they were unimpressed with Meghan’s choice of attire.

Credit: X / @extratv.

However, amidst the predominance of criticism, a segment of Meghan’s followers and fans rushed to her defense, highlighting the positive aspects of her visit and her fashion choice.

“Love, love this skirt…be well, be happy, Meghan […],” praised a supporter, with another echoing this, declaring: “The Duchess of Sussex […] Beautiful as ever […].”

Meghan’s visit to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles only highlights her ongoing commitment to supporting charitable causes and organizations.

While the hole in her blouse may have become the focus for many, it did not diminish the primary purpose of her visit: to bring joy and support to the children and staff of the hospital through the Make March Matter campaign.

However, the fact that many people paid more attention to Meghan’s outfit, rather than to her visit, highlights the intense scrutiny public figures face, where even a minor oversight can overshadow their positive contributions.