10-year-old boy dies following shooting at football game

On Tuesday, officials confirmed he died from his injuries.

Third grader denied school picture because of her hair shines in special photo shoot

In October, Marian Scott, an eight-year-old at Paragon Charter Academy in Jackson, Michigan, was left upset after she was denied ...

School district apologizes after staff throws out students' lunches over $15 debt

It’s important for students to have access to a good lunch at school. Kids growing up need a healthy meal ...

11-year-old struck by SUV during Halloween event

"My sweet Noah has got his angel wings and is in heaven now."

Little boy is caught filling empty trick-or-treat bowl with his own candy for other kids

In the days after Halloween, we usually hear many news stories that paint the holiday in a negative light, like ...

11-year-old dies after battle with sepsis

Initially his mother thought he was suffering from complications due to sickle cell anemia, but then his health rapidly declined.