Sir Michael Caine wrote debut novel during height of pandemic, will publish thriller at age 90

This coming November Sir Michael Caine will release his debut novel, Deadly Game. The thriller marks a first for the 90-year-old whose resume is otherwise full of accomplishments.

As reported by The Guardian, Caine has always expressed interest in writing a thriller. He was inspired to tackle the task after learning about “the discovery of uranium by workers on a dump in London’s East End,” according to his publisher, Hodder’s Rowena Webb.

Michael Caine – Viennale (Vienna International Film Festival) 2012 at Gartenbaukino

The novel follows DCI Harry Taylor, who is “called in when just such a package is found, mysteriously abandoned in Stepney and stolen before the police can reclaim it. As security agencies around the world go to red alert, it is former SAS man Harry and his small team from the Met who must race against time to find who has the nuclear material and what they plan to do with it.”

Nick Sayers, Hodder fiction editor, says when he met Caine he learned that not only did the actor loves to read thrillers, but he was “an author bursting with ideas for fiction of his own.”

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“I only read thrillers,” Caine told The Guardian in 2021. “I’m an adventure man, I’m not a literature person, so I’m not trying to replace Shakespeare here.”

“But it’s based on something I once read about two dustmen, two rubbish collectors in the East End. And they find uranium in the rubbish,” he said of his novel which he wrote during the height of the pandemic.

In addition to his debut novel, the British film icon has appeared in more than 160 films over a 70-year career, won countless awards, and written three memoirs over several decades.

His debut novel will be published in the US in November.

Is there anything that Sir Michael Caine can’t do? This man is an absolute legend. I can’t wait to read his new novel.