Tommy Hilfiger slammed after sharing his opinion about baggy jeans

It’s hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends. As soon one thing is “in,” it’s “out.”

It wasn’t too long ago skinny jeans were declared extinct and baggy jeans reigned supreme. Now skinny jeans are starting to make their way back into everyone’s closet.

And if your name is Tommy Hilfiger, you’re extremely happy because you were not a fan of the baggy jean era.

Keep reading to find out why.

Hilfiger, 72, recently shared his opinion on the baggy jeans style with Page Six, and fair warning, it won’t make many people happy.

“I think they look terrible on women,” the iconic designer told us, “I want to see something form-fitting on a women’s frame. It should be more fit and feminine or little bit tighter in the hips,” he said.

Fans were quick to remind Hilfiger of his company’s success in the 90s.

“Yet that’s how he’s sold most of his jeans for the last 30 years, #TLC and #AALIYAH made his brand famous like this. Ungrateful a** #TommyHilfiger”

“How dare you to say that women look terrible in baggy jeans who the f*** asked for your opinion. You look like a Muppet, wearing a blue velour suit, you look ridiculous! Can we say dumb and dumber?”

Ovidiu Hrubaru /

The iconic designer was at the Old Bags luncheon in Palm Beach, Florida, where his wife Dee Ocleppo Hilfiger was being honored when he shared his distaste for the cut of denim.

Hilfiger, who is known for his preppy clothing, also commented on the colorful clothing seen more often in Florida.

“In New York we like to wear black,” he said, “My clothes actually sell better in Florida, California, Texas places like that. A lot of tourists are buying my clothes in New York and they take them back from wherever they come in from.”

Do you agree with Tommy Hilfiger or do you think he should have simply kept his mouth shut?

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