Vera Wang, 74, reveals secret to her youthful look – and it confirms what we all suspected

Anyone who has been on the internet in the last few years would know just how stunned everyone is by Vera Wang’s youthful looks, especially given she only recently turned 74.

The New York-born fashion designer frequently shares the secrets behind her youthful glow, but many of her tips and tricks are pretty surprising.

Obviously, her stunning appearance is predominantly down to her exceptional genes, but she has previously said that her secrets to ageing so gracefully do extend beyond frequenting the gym or strict dieting.

Vera gave her fans an insight into her unique beauty regimen, telling BBC 100 Women about the ageism she suffered after getting attention online for her youthful looks.

The former Vogue editor revealed that she uses two key ingredients to maintain her appearance – a good night’s sleep and a relaxing vodka cocktail to help her transition from a “very intense work schedule” to her “bit of a private life.”

During the interview, Vera credited her decorated career in fashion with helping to preserve her youthful glow. “I’ve been in fashion since I was 19 years old. Not in front of the camera, behind it. I never thought about youth, probably because I work with the most beautiful women in the world on a daily basis,” she admitted.

Vera Wang has been praised for her insanely youthful looks. Credit / CJ Rivera / FilmMagic / Getty

Her approach to dealing with ageing is pretty inspiring, as she added that she envisions the models she works with as her “muses” and that she focuses on being “productive”.

She told the outlet: “I always said that vodka cocktail, a lot of sleep, but work – work is the magic elixir,” she shared. The acclaimed designer – who has worked with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani, and Mariah Carey – also stated that she has never obsessed over her youthful appearance.

In an earlier 2016 conversation with Harper’s Bazaar, Vera explained that her workout regime surprisingly consists of a bunch of short, consistent bouts of exercise. “I usually lift weights, not much – two pounds and three pounds. It takes me a total of five minutes,” she explained, adding that one thing she never skips is a delicious and healthy lunch.

Vera Wang has designed clothes for a host of celebrities. Credit / Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty.

Her nourishing lunch menu varies from sashimi, brown rice, and vegetables to Chinese steamed broccoli with chicken and rice, or even an artichoke salad or fish from Sant Ambroeus. As part of her healthy lifestyle, she also spoke about how she gave up drinking Diet Coke in 2010 – now, she chooses to stick to water only, saying the fizzy beverage was “the hardest thing I ever gave up.”

The fashion designer’s fans on social media often take the time to comment words of praise beneath her photos, with one person recently writing: “Vera, you are incredible!!!! I can not believe your age, as you look like 20-30 years max […] Be happy and shine like always […] you inspire this world.”

Credit / Instagram

“Forget Einstein and Benjamin button,” someone else added, “someone study this miraculous specimen of a human to see what makes her eternally tick and age backwards [sic].”

Credit / Instagram

If Vera’s secret to looking so fantastic is down to a five-minute workout and an evening vodka cocktail, you can definitely count me in!