7-year-old boy uses his birthday and Christmas money to make ‘COVID-19 Carepacks’ for senior citizens

A seven-year-old boy in Maryland is helping to take care of a number of people and businesses in his community of Gaithersburg. The first grader recently spent several hundred dollars to create “COVID-19 Carepacks” for senior citizens.

Cavanaugh Bell, who has his own non-profit called Cool and Dope aimed at eradicating bullying by 2030, used $600 of his own money that he collected from several Christmases and birthdays to purchase meals and cleaning supplies to be handed out to seniors.

Once he was done distributing the care packages he was back at the store buying more items for senior citizens and a group of 90 students.

Thank you Cavanaugh for your generosity and your willingness to help out. Everyone is in a difficult situation, especially our seniors. And those of us who can lend a hand really need to step up and help out.

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