Couple’s card keeps getting declined while buying kids’ Christmas gifts then ‘God sent’ stranger pays it forward

Christmas can be a magical time, a time when families come together to celebrate, catch up, and enjoy an abundance of food and gifts.

But for many families it can be a stressful time especially when it comes to footing the bill.

When one couple stopped to buy gifts from a Walmart in Texas they were left red-faced when the cashier was unable to take their card.

Ben Hendley was also at the Walmart in Canton on December 19 Christmas shopping and was standing in line getting ready to pay when he noticed a hold up at the front.

So… I'm in line (Walmart, Canton Texas), getting my Santa stuff like I do each year, and (because of what I'm…

Posted by Ben Hendley on Saturday, December 18, 2021

He then heard the familiar sound that all card readers make when a card is declined.

Looking to the front of the line he spotted a couple standing patiently waiting for their card to go through.

Posting a comment on Facebook about his experience he explained, “And this couple (passing through from Fort Worth, Texas) are trying to get their kids’ presents as they travel to their family get together (they live2 hours away). And his card gets declined. Again. And again….”

The lady standing in front of Ben was also feeling the couple’s pain and said, “You know what? It’s Christmas! I’ll pay for it.”

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The wife then stepped in and said, “Oh, no! I don’t think you know how much this is! Let me see if I can put it on my credit card.”

They tried again, but sadly, the card got declined again.

“It’s a couple hundred dollars. So? God’s blessed me, so I’m going to bless you,” Joyce Hargrave Felton, the big-hearted woman from Mississippi said.

“But, ma’am…” the wife tried to protest.

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Joyce Hargrave Felton/Facebook

However, Joyce was having none of their protests and continued with her generous offer.

“Hush. I don’t want to hear any more. I’ve got this,” said Joyce, as she smiled and pulled out her card.

“I’m going to bless you like God’s blessed me,” added Joyce who went ahead and paid for the couple’s Christmas gifts.

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Ben was so overwhelmed with the stranger’s offer he took a picture and even followed Joyce to the parking lot where he noticed her license plate read, “GOD SNT.”

He shared the image and what he’d witnessed in a Facebook post which soon went viral – even reaching Joyce.

Joyce then shared the news feature and tagged Ben, writing, “Remember; always make a difference no matter what happens.”


Posted by Joyce Hargrave Felton on Tuesday, December 21, 2021

I’m sure everyone in that line felt that couple’s stress and embarrassment that day. I’m so glad this woman stepped in.

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