Customer leaves $1,400 tip at Colorado cafe, instructs staff to take $200 each

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been one year since the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in the United States.

During that time there has been an unimaginable amount of loss, but there has also been incredible stories of resilience and stories of neighbors helping neighbors. Stories that, frankly, we may not have seen otherwise.

Here’s one of them that might just inspire you to go out and spread some kindness.

Seven employees at Notchtop Bakery & Cafe in Estes Park, Colorado were in for a treat when a customer, only identified as David, recently came in and surprised them all with a tip.

Nailya Khametvalieva, the cafe’s owner, told CBS4 that David asked his server how many people were working the day that he stopped in to make a purchase.

He signed his $20 check and left a $1,400 tip.

Thank you David for you generous gift to our staff. You gift has touched many lives.

Posted by Notchtop Bakery & Cafe on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

David then had very specific instructions, every employee who was working that day was to receive a $200 tip.

“It made my people almost cry and they’re very, very happy, and they wanted to thank him… it’s very generous,” Khametvalieva told CBS4. “We’re so thankful.”

According to Khametvalieva, it was only the customer’s second visit to the bakery, and though he might not have been considered a regular, those who received his generous tip will surely remember him from now on.

Thank you David. We need more people like you to show kindness.

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