Customer tips restaurant entire $1,200 stimulus check

Businesses all over the country have been faced with tough decisions. Owners have sold personal possessions, taken pay cuts, and more just to pay the bills to keep their business afloat.

Allison Hall the General Manager at Colonial Steakhouse in Pine Bluff, Arkansas wondered knew her parents’ restaurant was doing okay for the moment, but who knows what the futures holds.

“Things have been barely getting by but we are making it though,” she told KARK.


Recently, one of their regular customers surprised the restaurant with an incredibly selfless gesture.

“She was just sobbing and saying it was their whole stimulus,” Dana Gateley, owner of the steakhouse said.

The customer handed over the sum of their entire stimulus check, which totaled $1,200 and said it was for all the employees.

Gateley said it was enough to give each employee, even those she wasn’t able to currently have on staff, $100.

“It was nice to be able to call with some good news,” Hall said.

What a beautiful act of kindness! Can you imagine if more people were able to do good with the money from their stimulus checks?

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