Restaurant owner sells ‘candy apple red’ Mustang to pay her employees

CEOs, restaurant owners, and others have been making decisions, some more difficult than others, to forgo their own salary so their employees can still receive salaries and benefits during this time of uncertainty.

But some, like Charity Salyers, have taken it a step further to ensure that their business’ bills and employees are paid.

Business was looking good for Salyers’ Vittles Restaurant in Smyrna, Georgia, but then like many restaurants she was forced to close.

“I’ve had to cut my staff back from 10 to 12 people per day to 2 people plus me.”

After her customers, many whom are elderly and rely on the restaurant for their meals, convinced her to reopen for curbside pickup, she faced a tough decision.

With sales down, but bills still needing to be paid, Salyers only saw one solution, sell her car.

“I was kind of stuck against a wall so I prayed about it and then went and sold my car,” she told Fox 5 Atlanta. “It was a Mustang GT 5.0, a very nice candy apple red.”

Salyers hopes it’ll last her until business returns to normal, but she estimates that the money she received from selling her car will only last about a month.

“When she came back after selling her car I think I cried and she didn’t. She said ‘Stacy I had to, I have to make sure everybody is good’,” Stacy Wingard, an employee said.

This is heartbreaking to read. Something needs to be done to support small businesses. Owners can’t be expected to sell their personal belongings in order to pay their employees.

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