Farmers help fellow farmer recovering from COVID-19 till fields and plant seeds

When a member of community falls on hard times, what do you do? You step up and help them no matter what your obligations.

Steve Alt, owner of Alt Brothers Farm in Kent City, Michigan, had recently experienced some difficult times on his farm. Earlier in the year one of his employees was killed in a car accident and then another employee had to be hospitalized.

And as if things couldn’t get any worse, Alt became infected with the coronavirus.

“I got real sick, spent a couple nights in the hospital a little pneumonia,” Alt told WZZM.


He’s out of the hospital now, but due to several circumstances – bad weather, lack of employees, and poor health – he’s been unable to tend to his farm.

Fully aware of his situation, his fellow farmers stepped up and brought their equipment to his farm to help him do the work he was unable to complete.

“There are three different farms that came with planters today, and they’re actually planting the corn,” Alt’s son Bryan said. “Another local farmer is donating the fertilizer.”

“When people need help they come and help and I’m so proud…I’m so proud to be in a neighborhood where this works,” Alt said.

This is what it means to be a community. It warms my heart whenever I hear a story like this.

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