Fitness group leaves $7,000 tip for servers at Massachusetts restaurant

The rising costs of every day living has made life tough for everyone, especially for people who earn federal minimum wage or less.

Recently, a group of Peloton enthusiasts wanted to pay it forward and help some people struggling to make ends meet.

Over two dozen members of the group, Wicked Smaht Zone, gathered for their third annual breakfast at Red’s Kitchen and Tavern in Peabody on Monday.

When it came time to pay the bill, the members continued a tradition they started in January 2022 – blessing their servers with a large tip.

Between donations they received prior to the breakfast and money contributed at the restaurant, members of the Wicked Smaht Zone were able to tip their two servers $7,174.

Josh Vernon, founder of the group, told Good Morning America he founded the group to be something more than fitness.

“People wanted to do more than just ride together virtually,” he said. “And that philanthropic piece really helped build the community.”

Vernon explained the 2,300 members live by the mantra, “Do wicked good at work, do wicked good at school, do wicked good while training but then take it a step further by giving back to your community.”

Nicole Boiardi and Raisa Zan, the recipients, split the tip amongst themselves and gave some of the money to some of their colleagues who work in the back of the house.

“Because they’re the main gear in the whole cycle of the team,” Boiardi said.

Wow! What an inspiring story. Wouldn’t it be great if we all found it in ourselves to give an extra $5 or an additional $100 when we can?


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