4 men start singing gospel at Chick-fil-A and that’s when the flash mob appears

Can we get an amen!

This video is bringing us pure joy today. We love it when people get together to sing and dance, and we definitely appreciate when folks do what they can to spread the Good Word. There’s nothing more joyous than bringing our faith, in whatever form it may take, together with entertainment.

Just watch what unfolds in this Chick-fil-A restaurant. In this video, it seems like four men, all friends, get up from the table to leave. But as it turns out, this is not quite the case. They start singing! And they’re not just singing any song. They’re singing the gospel, the song ‘Every Praise.’


Then, the man in red points to the other side of the restaurant’s dining room. The camera pans in that direction, and that’s when you see several men joining them in song and dance. It’s truly a sight to behold!

But just when you thought that you’re just watching a flash mob in action, it appears that several other men, unaffiliated with the flash mob, are joining them in spread the word of the Lord through song. Hallelujah!

Just see the joy on their faces. It’s so wonderful to see these people, mostly strangers, brought together by their faith in the Lord. This is why this video has 4 million views and counting! Just watch it for yourself and feel the Lord’s light and love wash over you.

What a truly wonderful way to bring people together. We love a good flash mob! Please share if a friend could use a little of the Lord’s light today!