Wedding is interrupted by a voice in the pews – then the bride turns around and bursts into tears

Weddings are a major milestone in life, and every couple hopes their special day will be perfect in every way.

From where to seat their guests at the reception to which flowers to decorate the altar with and what song to play while the bride walks down the aisle, the happy couple plans out every detail of their wedding months in advance.

But once the ceremony gets underway, the bride and groom have no choice but to let go and try to enjoy the moment. It can be as stressful as it is exhilarating, as things don’t always go as planned. Like at Neil and Tricia’s wedding. They thought they had locked down every detail of their beautiful ceremony, but their guests had other ideas.

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Just when the couple was about to exchange vows, Tricia and Neil heard a voice call out from among the pews.

At first, Tricia thought someone might be objecting to the wedding. But it soon became clear that this was something completely different.

One at a time, the couple’s wedding guests rose out of their seats and started singing the classic hymn “How Great Thou Art.”

The performance left Tricia in tears—and it was a surprise that no one at the wedding will ever forget!

Watch the wonderful surprise here:

Were you also touched to see Tricia and Neil’s friends sing this amazing version of “How Great Thou Art” at their wedding?

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