High school cheerleader told to ‘cover up’ while wearing uniform in class

The mother of a Michigan high school cheerleader is upset after her daughter was told to cover up at school even though she was wearing a team-issued uniform.

Keep reading to see the school district’s response.

Amanda Alburg claims her daughter Marianah was told to put on pants after she went to Pinconning High School with her school’s cheerleading uniform on.

Alburg couldn’t believe it. She was under the impression if the uniform was fine for a game, why wasn’t it okay for school?

“I called the school office, and I was told that they are to wear pants under their uniforms at all times. It is a distraction to the boys,” she told WNEM.

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According to Marianah’s mother, the school’s cheerleading coach instructed the cheerleaders to wear their uniforms to school the day of a home basketball game, something that Alburg says girls have been doing for years.

“I don’t feel that should be a distraction to the boys. Girls have been wearing cheer uniforms issued by the school on game days to school since I was in high school. Never had to wear pants under it.”

Issue with the dress code

On Monday, several parents attended a school board meeting and asked for a change in the student’s dress code.

“My daughter can’t wear a sports bra to practice because it’s inappropriate, but the gentlemen…I can be out at that soccer field or on the basketball court and football field and they have their shirts off. And that is a double standard and it’s a violation of our girls’ civil rights,” a mother said.

Some school board members agreed it was time for a change.

“If they can wear their uniforms that are issued by the school to games, and it’s appropriate, it should be appropriate for school also,” Alburg said.

While parents continue to fight for a change in dress code, the superintendent released a statement regarding the school’s current policy.

“Athletic uniforms may not meet school dress code requirements. This is the case for the length of the cheerleading skirts. PHS would not allow students from any sports team to wear uniforms to school that do not meet those requirements.”


What do you think about penalizing girls who were their sports uniform to school? Doesn’t it make sense that if their uniform is okay for sports, it should be okay for school too?

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