Woman blasted by bride for wearing old wedding dress on her big day

As a guest at a wedding, there are a few simple rules for attire that should be observed to ensure the bridal party is not upstaged. Some of these rules include don’t wear any shade of white, dress accordingly or follow the dress code, and above all else, don’t wear an old wedding dress.

A recent post on the ‘Am I the A******’ subreddit tells a story about a wedding guest who was blasted by the bride when she appeared at the ceremony wearing the same dress she walked down the aisle two years before.

In the post titled “Am I the A****** for wearing my wedding dress to someone else’s wedding?” the 20-year-old woman explains that she caused quite a stir at her friend Ciara’s wedding.

Detailing the story, the original poster (OP) shares that she was married two years before and as she doesn’t have a lot of money, she recycled her old prom dress.

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“We aren’t rich and don’t care that much about weddings, so I wore my prom dress to my wedding. It’s not a super fancy dress or anything, it’s basically a long sequin dress in deep dark blue with one sleeve.”

Placating Redditors by explaining her old dress was not white, nor was it a traditional wedding dress, the author continues writing that since her own wedding, she “wore it on a few occasions because it’s basically the only one fancy dress” she owns.

Wedding blues

When the author received her invitation to Ciara’s wedding, she was thrilled learning that the dress code called for “dark blue” and “fancy attire.”

“So, I thought my dark blue dress would be fine. It’s not white and it’s not even remotely close to a wedding dress. I also didn’t feel like wasting money on another fancy dress that I wouldn’t ever wear again, especially since we aren’t rich,” the OP pens. “I showed up at her wedding in my dark blue sequin dress. It wasn’t standing out or anything, most of the guests were wearing even more fancier dresses.”


But since Ciara, 22, had been at the poster’s wedding and seen her gown, she turned into bridezilla and intended to crush her guest.

“When Ciara saw me, she lost it. She yelled at me in front of all the guests, in front of her husband and my husband, saying that what I did was horrible and that no one shows up at a wedding in a wedding dress.”

Attempting to reason with the bride, the author reminded her that her dress wasn’t designed to be a wedding gown and that it’s “the only fancy piece of clothing” she owns.  

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“I wore it to multiple occasions before and after my wedding. She didn’t listen and kept yelling at me to the point her bridesmaids and her husband started trying to calm her down. She also said a bunch of unsavory names to me.”

Broken down by Ciara’s aggression, the author, who was accompanied by her husband, left.

But her departure wasn’t enough for the bride, who continued harassing her guest for wearing the blue sequins gown.


“Then I started getting texts from Ciara, who blamed me for upstaging her on her wedding day, for driving a wedge between her and her husband since he said that she overreacted massively and upset her friend over a dress.” Starting to doubt herself, the OP continues, “I decided to ignore them because I think she is being unreasonable, but a part of me thinks that I was an a******”

‘Drama llama’

Siding with the author, Redditors said the title of her post caused concern, but then said she had done nothing wrong.

One netizen writes, “Anyone reading the headline…In this circumstance however, it was absolutely ok to wear that dress & she ruined her own wedding as well as shouting at you for no reason.”

A second shares, “Yeah I think since not explicitly a wedding dress, I don’t see what the problem is.”

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Meanwhile, other cybernauts suggest that the request for guests to wear dark blue was a “setup.”

“[Ciara] specifically picked dark blue and fancy. She knew OP wore that dress multiple times, I would think there was a close to zero chance that she thought OP would go out and get a different dress. I think Ciara is a drama llama,” shares one.

“Just a thought if she is a close enough friend to know a blue sequined gown was your wedding dress and had seen you wear it to other social events then she had a pretty good idea you would wear it to her wedding.” The comment continues, “She could have asked you ahead of time to wear something else but instead she chose to make a massive scene. A friend doesn’t do that.”

Another Redditor writes, “It’s a set up…the bride is jealous and she wanted to embarrass you at her wedding.”


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