Neighbors build ramp for elderly woman after chronic illness left her unable to climb steps into her home

It seems like these days all we hear about is one sad update after another, but there’s one group in Reynoldstown, Atlanta, Georgia that’s determined to spread a little joy by helping out their neighbors in need.

For the past six months, Gwendolyn Bailey, 74, has battled COVID-19. The half-year stay in the hospital, which included time in the ICU and transfers to five different facilities, was extremely difficult.

But now that she’s home and continuing her road to recovery, she needs a little help. And that’s where a group of friendly neighbors has stepped in.

A group in Bailey’s neighborhood called “Neighbor in Need Reynoldstown” heard her story and answered her call for help.

The volunteer-run nonprofit immediately set out to find someone to install a ramp in front of Bailey’s home so she could get in and out of her home.

After her battle with COVID-19, she lost a lot of her strength and suddenly tasks such as walking up a few steps into her home became impossible.

Within two days Neighbor in Need Reynoldstown, which was founded in 2018 to help low-income senior homeowners with professional repairs, installed a functional ramp outside her house.

“The first time that Miss Bailey was able to come out here and roll down that ramp it was overwhelming. I mean it’s just fabulous it’s just a great program,” Janine Brown, a committee member, told 11Alive.

Now that Bailey is out of the hospital and recovering at home, she can’t wait to receive the vaccine.

As for her family, they’re glad she’s home.

“She’s a fighter,” Tosha Wittaker, her daughter, said.

These are the kinds of stories I like to see. This kindness gives me hope. I hope even if it’s not making the news, I hope this act of kindness is taking place all around the world.

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