“One small act of kindness” – Man mows elderly folks’ lawns for free, inspires 1,500 kids to do the same

A man who has spent the last six years mowing people’s lawns for free has sparked a trend inspiring kids around the world.

Rodney Smith was just 15 years old when he came across an elderly man struggling to mow his lawn and stopped to help.

Ever since the big-hearted man from Alabama has been mowing the lawns of the elderly, single moms, disabled and veterans for free.

“That night, I just decided I’ll start mowing lawns for the elderly, disabled, single parents, and veterans for free,” he told The Epoch Times. “And eventually, that one small act of kindness changed my life forever.

Just did a Mow & Drop at Ms. Norwoods house . It’s always great seeing her . She’s doing well . Making a difference one lawn at a time

Posted by Rodney Smith Jr. on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

“At first, my goal was to mow 40 lawns by the end of winter, but I mowed 40 lawns so quick that I upped my goal to 100.”

From there Rodney came up with the idea of inspiring others to do the same through an organization he set up called Raising Men Lawn Care Service.

Since then he has inspired 1,500 kids from around the world to take up the “50 Yard Challenge,” where kids are asked to mow 50 lawns free of charge for the needy in their community to help teach them the importance of giving back.

Rodney offers incentives along the way with different colored t-shirts for every 10, 20, 30, and 40 lawns they mow and then a brand new mower for those that make it to 50 which Rodney personally delivers for those kids in the U.S.

Set up in 2015 while the Bermuda native was a student at Alabama A&M University, the organization’s motto is “Making a difference one lawn at a time.”

During the pandemic Rodney has found an even greater need for his services within his local community. He even set up a “mow and drop” service where he delivered much-needed supplies to those who couldn’t get out during the pandemic, thanks to community donations.

He says the service has also helped the kids who are taking part to get out, enjoy the fresh air and see other people.

“I remember one parent in Michigan.” Rodney said. “She told me her son was isolated and he kept to himself. But when he started taking the 50 Yard Challenge, he started becoming friendly with everyone.”

The challenge is open to kids aged between 7 and 17 and Rodney says it’s humbling to see so many kids want to give back.

Such an inspiring man who is helping to help empower kids to make a difference in their community. I hope this organization continues to go from strength to strength. Please spread the word by sharing this story.