Teen uses 3D printer to make mask for great uncle in need of transplant amid coronavirus pandemic

Like the majority of school-age children in the United States, Charles Randolph is at home in Virginia doing his school work. His mother has him on a schedule to make sure he stays on track, something he’s not always too thrilled about.

But his schedule does allow for some free time, which he uses to keep up with current events. That’s how the 13-year-old realized his great uncle was a high-risk patient and may need extra protection when it comes to the coronavirus.

“I saw in the news that high-risk patients, people with existing diseases like heart problems and asthma, I thought this would help him,” Charles told WJLA.

The 13-year-old’s great uncle, also named Charles, lives in Atlanta and is in need of a heart transplant. So the younger Charles got thinking.

When he was younger he learned about 3D technology, so he took that knowledge and his parents’ 3D printer and got to work.

In less than two hours he had a mask for his great uncle.

“It may not be 100 percent of a filtration system but it works,” he said.

Now that he’s confident in his work, the teen is looking for places to donate the masks, which cost less than $1 to make. Although they might not be the best protection for doctors and nurses, they’ll do the trick for those with compromised immune systems or the elderly.

Great job, Charles! You are the kind of person who gives everyone hope for our future.

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