Texas woman buys more than $325 worth of groceries for strangers at Dollar General

There’s something about the holiday season that puts many of us in the giving mood.

One woman, only identified as Pearl, wanted to share her wealth with her fellow community members. Now she’s being praised for her incredible act of kindness that’s helped multiple families during another particularly difficult holiday season.

Lavine Robicheaux was working at the Dollar General in Aldine, Texas when she spotted Pearl. At first she thought she was a regular customer, but then she continued to fill shopping cart after shopping cart.

“She came back in and bought two baskets worth of stuff. It took two of us to check her out,” Robicheaux told KTRK. “She grabbed three more baskets and she’s just filling them up with food.”

She also paid for the items of the customers who were in the store.

“She goes, ‘Don’t tell them that I’m buying it. Just tell them it’s on Dollar General. I don’t want them to recognize me.'”

In total, Pearl spent more than $300 on items to give away to her community and the customers in the store.

Robicheaux was touched to see Pearl share her good fortune with others.

“She’s sharing it with people that she doesn’t know.”

I love this! Reading stories about people helping others inspires me to do good in my community. I hope it inspires others too.

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