10-year-old brothers save their dad from drowning in backyard pool

A father who almost drowned in his own pool last week was saved by his sons and their friend in Birmingham, Alabama.

According to reports, Brad Hassig was swimming in his backyard pool along with his sons, Bridon and Christian, both 10, and their friend, Sam Elbert.

Brad himself explained to WBRC that he likes to engage in breathing exercises while in the water as it helps him to relax.

However, on this particular day, something went wrong.

Credit / Hassig Family

Brad said: “I love being under water. It’s something I do all the time.

“I say the Lord’s Prayer when I do this. It’s kind of a meditation. I don’t remember finishing it.”

Brad told how he remembered feeling relaxed and at peace after beginning his breathing exercises. His son Christian, though, said that his dad was shaking and on his side under the water.

“Since I had goggles on I could see his face was turning very light blue,” Christian said.

“I told Bridon, ‘Dad’s not OK.’”

Credit – Wikimedia Commons (Stock photo, not directly related to the story)

Together, Bridon and Christian were able to pull their dad from the pool via the steps. By this stage, Brad was unresponsive, but his sons wasted no time in leaping into action.

As per reports, Bridon began CPR, while Christian ran to seek help.

“I first gave him CPR a little and then I started giving him mouth to mouth. Then he started throwing up foam and salt water and blood,” Bridon said.

“It was like I just got slammed on my side,” Brad said.

“When I kind of came to — I’m coughing up blood and water, struggling to breathe, and there are people everywhere. My one son was yelling, ‘Daddy, daddy, come back!’”

Brad was rushed to hospital and admitted to the Cardiac Intensive Care United for 24 hours. His two sons, meanwhile, said they learned how to save someone’s life from watching movies.

“I mean it’s just emotions are just overwhelming you that your boys saved your life,” Brad said.

Wow! Thank God Brad’s two boys were on hand to save his life.

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