10-year-old’s brilliant device can save children from dying in hot cars

Every warm summer we read about it.

The horrible thing that should never, under any circumstances, happen – children left in hot cars, whom die of heat.

But a 10-year-old boy may have come up with a solution to put an end to this senseless tragedy.

It’s always a big tragedy when a toddler dies.

In the US, since 1998, around 712 children have died from heat after being left alone in a car, according to a report.

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But thanks to 10-year-old Bishop Curry, from the Texas, such tragic news may be something of the past.

The young boy has come up with a brilliant idea: a small device that would be placed in every car.

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The small device recognizes when the air has gotten too warm – and then automatically blows out cold air.

The machine also has an antenna, and automatically alert the parents as well as emergency services, according to NBC.

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Bishop decided to develop the device after hearing about his neighbor’s child who perished in a hot car.

So far, Bishop’s brilliant idea is in the planning stage. But together with his father, the 10-year-old has managed to collect over USD $20,000 to develop, build and patent the device.

This device is not a day late! Please share if you agree this 10-year-old is a young hero! 

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