105-yr-old meets great-grandson for first time and there's not a dry eye anywhere

105-yr-old meets great-grandson for first time and there’s not a dry eye anywhere

Not many people reach the impressive age of 105, but Pop Zwolak from California has.

Despite the fact that Pop has seen a lot in his long life, he had an experience this year that was a first even for him.


It happened after Pop’s granddaughter Susan gave birth to a little boy. Easton James Zwolak was born on April 2, 2017, and when he was just five days old, he went to visit his 105-year-old great-grandfather.

Pop was nervous at first and didn’t dare hold the boy. He was afraid he’d drop him.


But Susan lifted her baby boy into her grandfather’s arms, and Pop was clearly touched to meet the newborn.

Easton while happy and quiet while his great-grandfather cradled him, but when his mom took him back, he immediately started crying.


After Susan realized how much the meeting meant to Pop, she and her husband started visiting him several times a week.

Pop and little Easton get along so well, and it’s easy to see how happy the visits make Pop feel.

Check out the wonderful meeting here:

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