106-year-old leaves hospital after beating coronavirus – I think she deserves some recognition

A 106-year-old great-grandmother might well be the oldest person in the United Kingdom to beat coronavirus after being discharged from hospital.

As per reports, Connie Titchen left Birmingham City Hospital in Birmingham, England three weeks after testing positive for COVID-19.

Nurses at the hospital lined the corridor to clap the 106-year-old as she was wheeled out following her recovery.

“She is our oldest patient to beat the virus — and may well be the oldest in the country to do so,” the Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust said Wednesday.

Titchen, who was born in September, 1913, has lived through the Spanish Flu and two World Wars. She was admitted to hospital in mid-March with suspected pneumonia and soon tested positive for coronavirus.

Following her recovery, the great-grandmother of eight said: “I feel very lucky that I’ve fought off this virus. I can’t wait to see my family.”

Nurse Kelly Smith commented: “It’s been fantastic to see Connie recover.

“She is amazing and we’ve been doing our best to nurse her back to health. We were really pleased when she was given the all clear. It’s nice to see patients leave our ward after having beaten this virus.”

In such times as these it’s important we’re sharing positive news each and every day. I think it’s truly incredible that a 106-year-old like Connie can beat COVID-19. How about you?

Let’s use this opportunity to pay tribute to Connie Titchen for defying the odds, and to celebrate the work of all the nurses worldwide fighting against coronavirus.

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