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11 Simple Things That Will Make You Happier, According To Science.

1. Go outside when it’s 13 degrees.

Our happiness will reach it’s climax at 13,9 degrees. In ”The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor it’s recommended to spend as much time as possible outside in clean air. A study shows that 20 minutes outside when it’s good weather not only makes us happier, it will also expand our thinking and improve the memory. So, 13,9 degrees are the number of happiness.


2. Exercise against depression.

Science has proven that a small amount of exercise can make a big difference. Even seven minutes a day may be enough. According to science, working out will have such a strong impact on your well-being that it may overwin depressions.


3. Sleep.

Sleep is important to feel happy. People who have troubles with sleeping and their sleeping habits have a inferior memory when it comes to happy moments, and remember the sad times better. A memory test with college students that suffered from sleep deprivation showed that they remembered 81 percent of a list with negative words like “cancer”. From the list of positive words, like “sunshine,” they only remembered 31 percent.


4. Move.

At least if you have to travel far to get to work. A shorter commuting are higher valued than a larger home when it comes to our happiness. Two economists from Schweiz have studied “happiness” and they have proven that commuting from a long range has a negative effect on our well-being.


5. Hang out with people even if you don’t want to.

One of the most common things that people regret when they’re on their deathbed are that they have lost contact with friends and family. Being social and interacting with other people is a thing that increases our happiness, even if you are an introvert person. A survey also showed that the effect of a higher income is nowhere near the effect of social contact with other people.



6. Give more!

To help others approximately two hours a week is the magic number to enrich your life. Pennsylvania-professor Martin Seligman explains that friendly gestures and helping people have a huge effect on our well-being.


7. Smile! (Even if it’s fake).

To smile and think positive thoughts at the same time is an effective way to increase your feeling of happiness. To smile is also a good way to lower discomfort in stressed situations. And even if your smile is fake it will lift your mood.


8. Plan a trip – but dont travel.

To plan a trip to get something else on your mind apart from everyday life can make you feel better. A study published in the magazine ”Applied Research in quality of life ” shows that the peak of happiness occurs during the planning of the trip, not when you’re actually traveling.

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9. Meditate more.

Scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital studied 16 people both before and after they did an eight weeks course of meditation.
Meditation calms and clear your thoughts. Meditation has many times proved to be the easiest way to a happier life.


10. Be grateful.

Experiments shows that people who, on a daily basis, writes down what they are grateful for are happier people.


11. Get a dog or a cat.

It’s proven that cat and dog people are healthier, happier and more intelligent. Both dogs and cats shall decrease stress and lower the blood pressure for the people they live with.



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