12-year-old cancer survivor leaps into river to save drowning man, performs CPR until ambulance arrives

A 12-year-old boy from Wales, UK, risked his life to save a stranger from drowning on what was one of his first outings after the lockdown enforced by COVID-19.

As per reports, Ethan Hutchings was at the Gorad in Cwmafan, Wales, on June 1, 2020, when he spotted a man struggling in the river.

The young boy, who has been self-isolating in the pandemic after a battle with thyroid cancer, knew he had to do something to help, and so immediately jumped into action.

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Ethan leapt into the river, dragged the man out and performed CPR until help arrived.

Mom Emma Hutchings said: “Ethan hasn’t had treatment for the last year and half to two years but he’s still having regular scans and blood tests to make sure the levels are staying down.”

Given Ethan’s compromised immune system, his family were wary of potentially exposing him to the virus through contact with others. And yet the 12-year-old himself acted without pause when he saw the man struggling.

“I’ve been taught how to do CPR at school before so I knew how to do that,” he said.

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At the time, Emma was walking back home after a trip to see her mother when she heard the sound of sirens and and a medical helicopter flying overhead.

“I didn’t know Ethan was up at the [bridge] I just thought ‘it must be serious to have all of those ambulances and helicopters,’” she later said.

When it turned out that her son had saved someone’s life, Emma was left bursting with pride.

“I’m so proud of him for having that courage and bravery that he had to think so quickly, especially for someone of his age,” Emma said.

Indeed, Ethan’s certainly shown himself courageous well beyond his years.

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