12-year-old dies while trying to save beloved dog in traffic: On Saturday they will be buried together

From a young age, we hear our caretakers tell us to ‘be careful’ — and this certainly applied when it comes to being out on the road.

For a longer time than I felt necessary, an adult held my hand every time I crossed the road. It didn’t matter whether the road was busy or completely empty. In addition, riding my bike or playing near a road with traffic was completely forbidden.

When it was time to go to school by myself, I had been taught to always — always — stop and look both ways before crossing the road.

At the time, I was convinced all of it was exaggerated. Today, as a grown up, I understand. Because it’s enough to be inattentive for a split second for lives to be lost forever.

But while such lessons remain engraved in our minds forever, sudden occurrences can occur that make them all suddenly vanish. Tragically, this is exactly what happened to 12-year-old Jennarae Goodbar from Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA.

Jennarae loved dogs, and despite her young age, she had managed to care for her very own — Cash. Jennarae and Cash were best friends and she was extremely responsible about caring and training him.

One day, while Jennarae was on the family driveway with Cash, he suddenly ran off. It is still unclear why the dog was compelled to do so, but he was likely set off by something. Cash took off at a furious speed — towards the road.

Posted by Tabby Goodbar on Sunday, 28 October 2018

Ran straight into the road

Jennarae was immediately at his heels. The family lived close to a big road and that’s the direction towards which Cash ran.

He ran straight into the road, with Jennarae close behind. She would do anything to protect her beloved dog. But unfortunately, what should never happen did. Both Cash and Jennarae were hit by a car and died.

An investigation is being conducted to understand the exact details of the traffic accident, but no matter what it reveals, Jennarae’s family will never get her or Cash back.

On Saturday, Jennarae and Cash will be buried together. What happened is simply tragic and Jennarae’s family will never be the same again. But they know that Jennarae will not be alone when she’s buried.

A collection has been drawn up in Jennarae’s name to collect money for the funeral, with a target of $10,000. In just one day, over $15,000 had been collected by both friends, family and strangers.

HEARTBREAKING: State Police say 12-year-old JennaRae Goodbar was hit by a car while chasing her family dog.

Posted by ABC 13 – WSET on Sunday, 28 October 2018

Our thoughts are with Jennarae’s family in this difficult time.

Although nothing can give them their daughter back, it can be a tiny bit comforting to know she is now forever with the dog she loved so much.

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