12-yr-old is called "monster" at school - 15 years later, her photos astonish everyone

12-yr-old is called “monster” at school – 15 years later, her photos astonish everyone

In kindergarten, Aly Stosz’s friends barely came up to her shoulders.

She was always the tallest kid in her class—and by the time sixth grade started, she was already 6’3″ (190cm).

Aly’s height didn’t make her popular at school. Bullies teased her and called her things like “Godzilla” and “Monster.”

“‘In the past other people would make me feel really bad about my height for being different,” Aly told Barcroft Media.

Now she’s gotten the last laugh—and has conquered her bullies.

During her school years, Aly was always the tallest student in her class. She was forced to endure bullying in the halls. And even simple things like shopping for clothes and finding the right size were a nightmare for her.

The bullying made her childhood difficult, but today she’s overcome all that and has come out the other side a stronger person.

“I laugh about it now but at the time obviously it was like deeply upsetting. But ultimately it made me a stronger person,” she says.

Today, Aly is 6’9″ (205cm), wears US men’s size 16 (49 European) shoes, and has gotten revenge on everyone who ever teased her.

When Aly was in her 20s, she decided to take advantage of her goddess-like body. She saw an ad for a photo shoot and went for it.

She ended up getting the job and went on to be model in a category of fetish photography called “amazon.” As part of her work, she’d sometimes be photographed standing next to short men or even picking them up.

“I had some interesting experiences but ultimately it was not creatively fulfilling for me at all. It became very boring,” she said.

Aly decided to quit after she fell during a photo shoot. She was wearing heels and lifting a 190-pound (85kg) man.

Today, she lives a happy life with her boyfriend, Sean.

“I’m 6″4″, so about 5 inches shorter than Aly. We get a lot of attention when we walk around. I love being with her because of the person she is,” he told the New York Post.

Listen to Aly tell more about her journey here:

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