14-year-old girl who was fighting for her life with coronavirus is now breathing comfortably

When Melanie Ollick Komninos’s daughter Zoey tested positive for coronavirus, she had more reason than most to be seriously worried.

Reports state the 14-year-old may have been infected by a nurse who visited her home after working in close contact with a doctor who had since tested positive for COVID-19 himself.

That would have been bad enough, but Zoey already has a host of medical issues to contend with, including cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She receives nourishment from a tube in her abdomen and suffers from chronic lung infections.

This put her in the high-risk group when it came to coronavirus. The teen was placed in quarantine in Hackensack University Medical Center’s (HUMC) paediatric intensive care unit. Mom Melanie spent every second with her in quarantine – she has so far not shown any symptoms herself.

After weeks of fighting COVID-19, however, a recent post has given everyone cause to be optimistic. Zoey is finally getting better! Melanie reassured people in a recent post: “Baby girl is snoring, resting and breathing comfortably. Thank the Lord! Amen.”

Baby girl is snoring, resting and breathing comfortably. Thank the Lord! Amen 💕

Gepostet von Melanie Ollick Komninos am Freitag, 3. April 2020

Over the past few weeks Zoey had been placed in an induced coma and had a ventilator to assist her breathing. With that in mind, word of her recovery truly is remarkable, and something that we should all be celebrating.

Melanie, meanwhile, has a message for others to warn them over the seriousness with which coronavirus should be treated.

“We all have to stay home for this to work for all of us,” she said. “Please follow Zoey and keep her and our family in your prayers and thoughts for recovery.”

We will continue to keep Zoey in our prayers and thoughts. Well done, brave little girl, on all the fantastic progress you’ve made so far.

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