15 Of The Best Hand and Footprint Art Ideas To Do With Your Kids.

There’s nothing like painting with your fingers and toes—that cold feeling when you touch the paint for the first time and then the moment after you press against paper and see all little lines that make up your finger or toe prints. Okay, I think I love painting with my fingers and toes as much as my kids do! So recently while brainstorming art projects to do with my kids, I came across tons of great ideas to turn handprints and foot prints into fun art projects. They include paintings, clay projects, sand projects, and more. Scroll down to see the best 15 I found. Any of them makes a wonderful afternoon of art with your children that they’ll remember forever!

1.   Yearly Handprint Canvas from Mama.Papa.Bubba:

project 1


2.   Super Hero Handprint Art from Smart School House:

project 2


3.   Handprint & Photo Heart Keepsake from Teach Me Mommy:

project 3


4.   Footprint Flower Pot from Snapguide:

project 4


5.   Thumbprint Heart Family Tree Picture from DIY Ready:

project 5


6.  Handprint Flower Pot Art Card:

project 6


7.   Rainbow Butterfly Footprint Art from Crafty by Photo:

project 7


8.    Mommy & Daughter Handprint Salt Dough Keepsake from The Funky Polka Dot Giraffe:

project 8


9.   Footprint Truck Art:

project 9


10.   Footprint Love Keepsake Plate from Mrs. Wigglebottom:

project 10


11.   Alphabet Handprint Art from Mommy Minutes

project 11


12.   Disney Inspired Hand and Footprint Art from The Keeper of the Cheerios

project 12


13.    Handprint Wall Art from Creatively Living Blog:

project 13


14.   Family Handprint Tree Art from Creative Carmella:

project 14


15.   Sand Footprint Keepsake from Paging Fun Mums

project 15


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