18-year-old boy’s life saved with over-the-counter medical device meant for women

When Byron was 18 years old, he was plagued with abdominal pain for several months.

It turned out that the young British teen had testicular cancer.

But the way his doctors were able to diagnose him — and save his life — was unusual to say the least.

A few years ago, Byron Geldard was 18 and had just finished school. He started having severe pain in his side and went to the doctor, who told him he was sore from training, writes the Telegraph.

But the pain didn’t go away and Byron went back to the doctor.

The doctor ordered an ultrasound and it turned out that Byron had cancer. But the doctor couldn’t figure out what kind of cancer Byron had, and the teen’s survival depended on an accurate diagnosis.

Facebook/Byron Geldard

The doctors’ surprising technique saved Byron’s life

Byron’s doctor decided to send him to the cancer ward for teens at a hospital in Cambridge. There, the doctors came up with an unusual idea: Byron should take a pregnancy test.

More and more, pregnancy tests are being used to diagnose testicular cancer, since this type of cancer produces the same hormones that pregnant women produce. And within a few minutes, Byron’s doctors were able to make the right diagnosis: Byron had testicular cancer.


The 18-year-old received chemotherapy and the tumor in his stomach disappeared. Byron’s life was saved — thanks to a pregnancy test.

“It was a really strange feeling to be told I was OK again,” Byron said.

After the incredible event, Byron returned to normal life, even though it is difficult given all that he had gone through.

“You’re just sort of expected to go back to normal, but my mindset has completely changed,” Byron said.

Now, Byron will never forget what saved him: a pregnancy test.


This story shows that sometimes thinking outside the box can have dramatic effects. Isn’t it amazing how doctors can use something as simple as a pregnancy test to save a life?

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