2-year-old boards plane — what he does next has every passenger smiling

I remember being a kid and the first time I had to fly an airplane. I didn’t understand what was happening but I found it all very exciting and new. I had seen airplanes on TV, made paper airplanes and owned a toy airplane but I had never imagined what the inside of one would really be like.

I vividly remember boarding my first airplane and being so confused about what was happening. There were many people crammed in a small narrow space.

I can only imagine that this is perhaps what the adorable 2-year-old in this story was thinking. But unlike me, he seems to be very keen on greeting all the passengers in a very unique way.

The video of the little boy, posted August 1 on popular Facebook page Love What Matters, has now become a viral success, with over one million shares.

In the video, you can see the 2-year-old boarding while pulling his little blanket along with him.

Source: Facebook/Love What Matters

The adults seem pretty serious but this boy manages to make most of them smile. That’s because he’s on a serious mission before getting to his seat. He wants to greet every passenger along the way — with a fist bump.

“I love how this just seems to change everyone’s attitude as he passes,” writes one viewer on Facebook. “Like whatever they were thinking about (more likely stressing about) just disappears and the grown-up world takes a back seat. That little boy is brightening each person’s day with one small act. We can all learn from him.”

Source: Facebook/Love What Matters

It’s just way too cute to not see, watch it below.

I think sometimes we adults take things too seriously and need to remember to be nice to one another. This boy is just being friendly but manages to change the entire mood of that airplane.

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