2-Year-Old Girl Suddenly Gains The Power Of Speech After Nearly Drowning.

Natalie Holiday and her family were making a change. They were moving to a new house down the street from their old one. But on moving day, she and her husband had no idea that the biggest change they’d experience that day would be the astonishing transformation made by the couple’s 2-year old daughter, Catalina.

While Natalie Holiday was inspect her new house on moving day, she had no idea that her daughter had slipped outside and wandered to a nearby pond.

Luckily, her 11-year-old son, Ethan, noticed his little sister face down in the water and rushed to save her. The heroic boy immediately swam out to Catalina and brought her to shore. And just as they reached land, a neighbor who had heard the commotion rushed outside and performed CPR on the little girl.

Although the neighbor tried his best, Catalina remained limp and cold and the family feared the worst. But when the authorities arrived, Catalina still had a faint pulse. The EMS team continued performing CPR on the toddler, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Catalina coughed up water and started to cry.

With Catalina stable, they brought her to the hospital, where mom Natalie never left her. And when Catalina woke up, Natalie witnessed a miracle. Catalina, who is developmentally delayed and had almost never spoken before the accident, woke up and couldn’t stop talking!

Natalie says that Catalina looks the same as she did before the accident, but that her daughter is now a “different child.”

Watch the clip below to find out Catalina’s adorable first word!

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