25-Year-Old Marries 70-Year-Old For Cash. But On Her Wedding Night She Gets More Than She Bargained For.

I overheard this story the other day, and it cracked me up. Can’t really say it happened in real life though! 🙂

A 70-year-old groom and his beautiful 25-year-old bride caused many eyebrows to rise when they checked into their hotel on their wedding night.

The next morning at precisely 8:00 am, the 70-year-old strode into the breakfast room whistling cheerfully. He sat down at a table and ordered breakfast, flashing the waitress a beaming smile.

Fifteen minutes later, his young bride followed. She entered the breakfast room with wobbly legs. She had huge bags under her eyes. Her hair was a mess.

Concerned, the waitress approached her. “Oh my God, what happened to you? You’re a young beautiful bride married to an old man, but you look as if your wedding night was an intense dod fight!”

To which the young bride replied, “The devil tricked me. He said he’d been saving for 50 years. I thought he was talking about money.”

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