3 Home Depot workers build a walker for a blind toddler after grandpa asks for supplies

When a customer entered a Home Depot in Texas recently, he got more than just directions to the department he was looking for and tips on how to complete his DIY project.

Instead, three staffer members at the North Richland Hills store took the idea of customer service to a whole new level and did something wonderful for the man—and especially his grandson.

The man’s 2-year-old grandson, Silas, suffers from Norrie disease, which leaves the toddler blind and with delayed motor skills. The boy also can’t walk, and since he’s too big for a baby walker, his grandpa decided to go to Home Depot and buy supplies to made a homemade one.

And that’s when Silas’ grandpa ran into three of the most helpful, generous retail employees imaginable.

The Home Depot employees wouldn’t let Silas’ grandpa buy the supplies he needed. And instead, they asked the man exactly what he was looking for, and they made Silas the walker themselves.

Here is little Silas discovering his brand new, customized walker.

Source: YouTube

I’ve never seen that level of kindness and generosity from retail employees before, so I hope The Home Depot gives them an award or a raise. But when I saw Silas moving around in the walker in the video below, my heart just melted. What a wonderful gesture and what a nice way for these guys to use their skills for good!

Watch a local news report about the story below:

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