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3 Sisters Are Invited To Watch A Movie. Seconds Later, The Surprise On The Screen Has Them All In Tears.

Even when sisters Katie, Cassie, and Kristal were little, life put them through difficult trials. Their mother, Ellen, was hit by cancer and the girls were thrust between hope and despair throughout much of their childhood. Even tougher was when they lost their father, and later, their home. Thankfully, mother Ellen recovered, but a few years later, the sisters would face their another difficult test.

When Katie turned 30, she was diagnosed with stage-two bowel cancer. Then after at the end of intensive treatment cycle, she found out she had a reoccurrence. And as if that wasn’t enough, both Cassie and Kristal soon learned that they had breast cancer. In just six weeks, all three sisters had been diagnosed with cancer.

Doctors were shocked by the the family’s terrible misfortune, and their painful story quickly reached the Australian radio show “Give Back” and its hosts, Kyle and Jackie.

When they heard about the family’s misfortune, they decided to do what they could to support them. They told the family that they had won tickets to see a unique movie preview, but as soon as the sisters sat down to watch the movie, something entirely different appeared on the big screen—something that would give the sisters a surprise they hadn’t counted on. See for yourself in video below and remember, nobody can do everything—but everyone can do something.

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